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2 days dont have WAN IP ...dns..internet..

Hi all, i hope u can read english;]
u can see the picture i dont have WAN IP and dns ...but i have adsl!
on 12 of octomber Alice start my internet...and for 2 days it was too low [ the speed i mean - 2-3 mbit/s]..and on 14 of oktomber in the morning i was calling the helpdesk,so they can see where is the problem...i have alice easy!
But when i check my postcode on their website it says i can get from 6 to 10 mbit.
so 1 women from alice said we can try something now,u can turn off the modem and after 1 minute turn on again...i will make a reset from here ...and i make everything and she said no we cant do anything from here i will send u order to technician department..and after she close the phone something happend with my modem and i dont have a internet!!!After 2 -3 hours i was calling again ,i was thinking they make something about my speed,but NO...they dont know what happend and they say we will see from where is what problem...today is 16 of oktomber and i still dont have a internet and nobody call me..i call the helpdesk 4 times maybe and nothing...they said the people are still working..hahha;]..so if somebody can help me from here thanks.!
And i have also 1 more question - i have now adsl and can i use this adsl with other modem or router or something not with their Copperjet,so i dont know how many days they will work on my problem!
I`m not sure i upload the picture ,if not i give u a link

Thanks ;]

Edit picture BMP Smile

Gewijzigd door BMP op 16 oktober 2009, 17:46
It seems to me there is no problem at all when i look at the picture, the ethernet and atm are connected.

Try a reset , if it doesn´t work out, call the customer service again.

You can use an other modem that supports ppoe, for example the most speedtouch wil work with the correct settings of alice.

When nothing works out, ask the someone of the Alice webcare team. http://alice.gebr...orum_id=47

Goodluck BMP Smile
Gewijzigd door BMP op 16 oktober 2009, 19:05
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Hi and thanks for fast answer Pfft
I have 1 E-TECH ADSL MODEM ROUTER , can i take the internet with that modem ? For 2 days i make maybe 20 resetS..nothing work..and alice helpdesk is working from almost 3 days...i dont know what is the problem but they work alot;];];
if i cannot use that E-TECH can u tell me which models from speedtouch i can use,and maybe some help with these settings ;]
Hi there,
From picture ATM and ethernet are up, but PPP is attempting to connect. It may well be the previous provider is still active on the line and the Alice script can't connect to the Alice network.
In case you have Alice replacing a previous provider, possibly the Alice signal is on the second pair in the connection point. Try switching from red/blue to white/orange. If no success you can ask the Webcare guys to have a line check, see link above.
Alice easy works with every standard ADSL2+ modem, just take the settings from the forum. Etec, Linksys, Zyxel, Sitecom, use the search app in the left frame for settings.

good luck

Hi brunoWink
Yes i replace KPN with Alice , on 9 of oktomber here come 1 technic from KPN to see the line and he make some things,he make two of the internet in one telephone line,so i can use 2 modems from 1 contact,untill kpn stop my internet ( i`ll give some pictures ) ,and maybe that is the problem ,when kpn stop my internet then have also problems with Alice.. if u can tell me is something wrong and which cables i have to switch exactly..
Hmm i dont know why cannot upload here pictures , its under 146.48 KB and is jpg ..
create an account at photobucket http://photobucke...

You can easy upload your pictures there.

BMP Smile
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my telephone line :


Gewijzigd door BMP op 17 oktober 2009, 13:45
use the img code, left click it twice Smile copy/ past it.

Gewijzigd door BMP op 17 oktober 2009, 20:53
Wie ben ik om aan mijzelf te twijfelen
Clear picture, confirms that Alice is on orange/white, they have connected orange with a red wire to the RJ11 socket and white is connected with a black wire to the RJ11 socket.
Now you should have Alice internet with the RJ11 socket to the copperjet and old KPN line with the original 4 pin big plug.
To use Alice, you need connection with the RJ11 at the right bottom, to use KPN you need to connect to the big plug.
As soon as Alice have taken over the coennection, only use the RJ11 at the right and a splitter for the phone, untill the phone is migrated to Alice, after that phone and internet are coming through the copperjet.
The original blue and red will be disconnected by KPN in a short while.
You can always disconnect all wires and put white on the left top pin and orange on the right top pin and use the big plug with build in RJ11 from the Alice installation kit.
With Alice you only have one connection to the copperjet and from the copperjet one connection to your phone or fax. If you split phone and fax with a normal line splitter, you can use phone and fax over the same line, provided the connection values are within given limitations for Alice, it can work, but also possible you have no ringtone if the values are outside allowed scope for Alice.
Do not split your phoneline between KPN connection and copperjet, this will give interference or no connection.
Good luck

For today i can say 1 thing , 1 week without my internet!!!
This morning i call again Alice helpdesk and they again dont have nothing,the man said "No the technish department doesn`t leave any mesagge what they do..."!Just cant imagine how i can have adsl and cant surfiiiiiing ;((((
Now i wanna share something else with u guys..SOooo i am from Bulgaria .There also have company like KPN ,but there is BTC - Bulgarian Telephone Company...but there doesn`t matter where u live , how many meter or kilometer is u distance from central ,when in u contract u can see 12 mbit/s they delivery 12 mbit , or 5 mbit or 3 ...but here in holland is not like this!!! In my ex contract with KPN says TOT 20 mbit and they can give only 10 hahah..why??? is BUlgarian cabel beter then Dutch ? No i dont think so...if anyone can tell me why is that difference will be very good ;]
Gewijzigd door whatcanisayaboutalice op 20 oktober 2009, 13:52
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